Furniture manufacturing

Furniture manufacturing

Making furniture, ramps, road signs and any parts to order

Custom furniture plays an important role in the design of anoriginal interior. We can make any items of furniturefor you: tables, chairs, stools, cabinets, shelves or bedside tables. Plywood is perfect for making souvenirs.

Different types of standard and coated plywood of our product range are suitable both for floor covering and for creating special ramps for extreme sports. The material is very strong.

Our company professionals will help you choose the design, the type of material and the method for assembling. High-quality plywood has an individual wood pattern that will decorate a finished chair or wardrobe. An important technological stage is the correct cutting of parts that are not subject to painting. With proper cutting, the veneer and the upper layer should not be damaged. Individual patterns are made using special stencils.

The assembly of the finished product must meet the standards of strength. A person with a lot of weight can safely sit on our chair, and the wardrobe will serve you so long that your children and grandchildren can use it too.