It is not always convenient to handle large sheets. Ready-made fragments of a certain size and shape are required quite often. Our company professionalsprovide services for sawing all types of plywood and wood, in accordance with the individual needs of the client.

In the manufacture of various elements with given sizes, we use several types of manual and mechanical sawing. The process is carried out on a high-precision panel saw. When processing the technique of rectilinear and curvilinear cutting is used. Manual processing of fragments is added if necessary.

Prices for cutting plywood

You can order the cutting of plywood, fiberboard, chipboard or MDF of any size and individual form.

The price of a simple cut:

  1. € 0.70 for 1 meter of sheet up to 21 mm thick;
  2. € 1.50 € for 1 meter of sheet with a thickness of 24 mm.

We follow new technologies of woodworking and are ready to fulfill any customer wishes. You can find out the final price from our operator.


No company can develop dynamically unless it expands the boundaries of its activities. We provide services to customers throughout Latvia. People from the most remote corners of the country, where only a truck with goods can reach, have already appreciated the quality of our products. We take into account the wishes of the client and transport plywood and timber at competitive prices.

Having ordered products from our catalog, a customer can order services for cutting, packing and delivery. We'll deliver the products on time. The delivery time depends on the delivery point. We deliver goods in Riga very quickly; you will receive the goods on the day of the order.

Shipping costs are negotiable.

We deliver goods to our regular customers free of charge within Riga. In special cases, which can be discussed with the operator, it is possible for us to provide bonuses and discounts on delivery services.




All our employees are highly qualified professionals, they are happy to share their experience and knowledge with colleagues and customers. We will help you with the choice of plywood, we will tell you about its qualities in comparison with other samples.

We always inform our customers about the latest trends in the market for materials in the woodworking industry, modern technologies for manufacturing high-quality, environmentally friendly products. A wide range of applications of fiberboard and plywood in the construction of houses and cottages, the manufacture of household items and souvenirs, imposes a responsibility on the companies selling them. We believe that the client should know about the properties of the selected product.

Consultants of our company assist in calculating the amount of material required for various types of work. We will help you choose plywood for exterior or interior decoration. Our professionals will help you to choose the material you need from a wide range that meets the strength and durability requirements of the finished product.

Furniture manufacturing

Custom furniture plays an important role in the design of the original interior. We can make for you any items of furniture: tables, chairs, stools, cabinets, shelves or bedside tables. Plywood is perfect for making souvenirs.

Different types of standard and coated plywood of our product range are suitable both for floor covering and for creating special ramps for extreme sports. The material is very strong.

Our company professionals will help you choose the design, the type of material, the method for assembling. High-quality plywood has an individual wood pattern that will decorate the finished chair or wardrobe. An important technological stage is the correct cutting of parts that are not subject to painting. With proper cutting, the veneer and the upper layer should not be damaged. Individual patterns are made using special stencils.

The assembly of the finished product must meet the standards of strength. A person with a lot of weight can safely sit on our chair, and the wardrobe will serve you so long that your children and grandchildren can use it too.

Furniture manufacturing