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About Company

About Company Ergoss

Ergoss Ltd. was founded in 1997. Our business activity in the trade of wood processing and processing of wood raw material is based on the results of market research, on the combined experience and knowledge of the co-owners. Our company has been operating for over twenty years. All these years, the company has carefully selected and trained employees, followed the changes and construction trends in the wood production trade. Over twenty years of activity, the company has become a stable establishment with a high quality of service and has taken a strong position in the field of trade in wood-based products (plywood, furniture plywood, OSB). The company has a large database of regular customer-clients. Customers love us, and competitors respect us.

Our principles are creative hard work and a nice vacation. Our professional attitude towards clients and customers is based on the principles of sincerity and simplicity. A good rest after a hard-working week helps to recharge and brings positive emotions. Ergoss is a friendly team, we regularly travel to the reservoirs of Latvia, we are happy in the company of those who are excited about sporting pastimes.



Since 1997, our company has held a strong position in the plywood market and various types of wood-based products, while maintaining good relations with competing companies. We regularly analyze the development trends of plywood production, train employees in new technologies and highly value each customer.

Low prices

With twenty years of experience, we take into account customer requests and regularly include advantageous offers for buyers in our price list. We have all kinds of plywood, chipboard and other high-quality wood-based products at low prices.

Wide range of products

The company provides clients and customers with a rich assortment of wood-based products for all types of decorating and furniture manufacturing. We have laminated and moisture-resistant plywood, fiberboard, durable and easy to work chipboard, environmentally friendly and safe in everyday life MDF.